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About us

A little about us and what makes us special

About us

Welcome, we are so glad to have you here! We are, Malaysia’s latest home-grown, value-led, quality-focused, relationship-engaged, and solution-based full-service digital marketing agency. We offer top-notch professional omnichannel digital marketing services targeted at helping you and your organization meet your goals and effectively navigate an ever-evolving global digital landscape. Our services and solutions are customized to cater to your specific needs, from the individual to the organizational level, and for both content providers and clients looking for the highest quality.

Whether you are a startup looking to enter the global digital stage or you are an established name in your industry, is the one-stop digital marketing place for you. Our team of trained professionals provides services such as online advertising solutions, social media engagement, copywriting, search engine optimization, app and website development, and other relevant products. As part of the digital age, we understand the importance of being on the cutting-edge of technology and knowledge. Thus, all our offerings are data-driven and incorporate the leading standards and best practices of all the industries under our roof.

We value honesty and integrity at every level of our organization and our goal is to integrate these values into all our endeavors. Furthermore, we strongly believe in and advocate for community building and talent development. When one benefits, we all benefit together. At, we are always on the lookout for your best interests in attracting, impressing, and converting online leads as we journey with you towards effective and optimized digital engagement.

Our mission

  1. To provide ethical and quality services for business owners at reasonable rates.
  2. To enhance the skills and knowledge of local web developers through resource provision and networking.
  3. To advocate for the adoption of industry best practices in all sectors of digital marketing.

Our vision

To be a reliable and respected data-driven internet marketing company contributing to the community and organizational development.

Our values

Honest and reasonable pricing

Data-driven optimized services

Community development

Honesty, integrity, and ethically-driven offerings

Our Team Members

Desmond Ng

Desmond Ng

Founder & Director

Whacky yet illogical at times, Desmond has his own idea of fun. Husband and a proud father of 1. Likes jungle trekking and misses sailing under the Penang bridge.

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