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Web Developer

Web Developers are specialists that help you create your brand Identity online. Using multiple computer languages, these are the heroes that are able to create a truly mesmerizing experience for visitors that wish to know more about your brand.

Not to be mistaken with Web Designer, they are the guys that do the Interior and Exterior Design. Web Developers are actually the Architect of the website. Web Development has come a long way since the inception of the internet, it used to just rely on HTML coding to code a website. Now, there are languages like javascript and CSS that adds form and function to your website.

If you wish to do up a new website or a website revamp, please insist on these few things with your web developer.

These will affect your Website Operation / Ranking in the long term:

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Certificate

If you are on Google Chrome, notice the green padlock with a โ€œSecureโ€ next to the URL? That is a signed certificate saying that data on your website is secure. Regardless of any website, it should be a norm to have SSL installed, especially if you collect sensitive information such as email address or phone number. If you current website is without an SSL certificate, contact your Web Developer and insist upon it.

Domain Name Registration Details

Do you know that just because you own the brand name, you may not really own the website domain name? The person or company that registers the domain name can change records or switch website anytime they want, even if they are your Web Developer. Reclaiming the name is near impossible as the organization involved would only refer to the owner in the official records, not the brand owner. So If you are not the owner of your own domain, contact your Web Developer and insist upon it.

Website CMS Access

A website is like a house, and to build it, there should be a foundation or structure to house the design as well as the content. For most websites, they are built on a platform call WordPress. WordPress is a common CMS of choice as it is robust and allows a lot of functionality to be added. Most business owners do not care about the access to the CMS until it is too late. As the paying owner, it is your right to have access to the backend of the CMS of your website. Should any issues arise, you can get another Web Developer to look into it. If you are the owner of the website, contact your Web Developer and insist upon it.

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