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Portfolio Website

No one likes to be the same as any other guy, people like to establish their identity, more so when you are a Designer or UX Creator. Humans are visual (animals), we like funky and graphic stuff. It’s no wonder that images attracts us the most.

Portfolio Website is the best way to showcase your past work, often it is more important than your resume. An image speaks a thousand words. Regardless if you are a Freelancer, Employee or a fresh grad, it is more important that your portfolio website comes up when people search for your name online.

A Few Things to include in your Portfolio Website:

A Clear Reason for your Website

The website is to showcase your past works, so make sure to include as much image as possible, while also having sufficient words to explain what each image are for. Search Engine looks at text instead of images, so having words can let Google know what your website is about. It helps your website to show up when people are searching for the relevant keywords.

Link to your Social Media

What is the use of a Portfolio Website when no one visits? Make sure to have a presence on social media like Instagram or Pinterest that allows people to showcase your works around.

Provide Contact Info

Time to make some money. But make sure you have all your contact info and channels listed on your website so people can contact you for further works.

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