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Web Hosting

Web hosting is where you store your files in a remote server, and the files are transferred to your site visitor when they visit your site. It is important to note that choosing a good and reputable hosting company is important for the long term.

Things to be wary about when choosing a Web Hosting Company (Beginner Version):

Managed or Unmanaged Support

If you are new to hosting, it is always recommended that you get a managed hosting as a start. Managed hosting means that the company which you bought your hosting package from will provide assistance in terms of technical support for hosting related issues. Most of the companies have 24/7 support so you don’t have to look for other web developers when it comes to hosting issues. For unmanaged hosting, you have to set up the network yourself, either manually or with the help of control panels. This is only recommended when you have a good grasp of how hosting works as you might meet a lot of issues but can only rely on the community for help.

Control Panel

Control panel is a simplified dashboard for server management. This allows server management without needing to use any codes. You can add/remove domains, manage server emails, create multiple websites using the control panel. When you are using managed hosting, they would’ve come with a control panel for easy management. However, if you are using an unmanaged hosting, you might have to get a license for each server. The few famous control panel are cPanel, Plesk and Cloudways.

Number of Domains / Website

For a shared server, most of the package will have a limitation to how many domains or websites you can use with the package. This is the hosting company’s way to control bandwidth, so that is shared amongst the different people sharing the same server. The cheapest package would normally allow just 1 website. So if you have a new website, it is recommended that you start from there.

Types of Web Hosting you should know :

Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting is one of the common types of web hosting and is almost compatible with all of the online business owners.
Shared hosting is where most people start their business up. Why? It is because shared hosting are mostly affordable and easy to use!

VPS Hosting

Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting basically having multiple websites on a single server but resource limits are different than each other. But if your allocation of resources are out, it can borrow resources from other sites to expand temporarily.

Cloud Hosting

One of the most reliable and advanced hosting services. Rather than using a single server to store your files, it connects with other server to ensure the hosting is up 24/7.

Dedicated Hosting

Doing business in a large scale? Need more space for website?Dedicated is where YOU get to rent a whole server to yourself. You get to choose your own resource limits which often benefits big business.

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