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Things to consider when choosing a Shopify App (Beginner Version):

The functionality of the App

There are more than thousands of apps on the Shopify app store. Most of the time, you would find 4-5 apps that do what you are looking for. It is important to check them out in detail before committing to a specific one. Normally they will have a demo site that can show you how will it look like on a live website. Play around with the app, and only purchase or trial it on your store once you are satisfied.

The price: Monthly, Yearly or One Off

The Shopify Apps are all charged in USD. When choosing an app, you need to consider the long-term investment and also whether this app will bring in more business. If the app is just to extend a small functionality, then it is wise to put it away first and come back later when the business is generating sufficient income for such an investment. Prices of apps are normally in Monthly terms, but some smaller apps may have yearly or a One Off fee.

The existing reviews

Reviews are an important indication of how good the backend codes of an app is working. If you encounter an app with lots of bad reviews, be very careful as the app might have some coding issues that it cannot work well with some themes. Alternatively, apps with great reviews might have a lesser problem for you to be worried about.

Developer Support

Should there be a coding issue, developer support is crucial. Since apps have their own developer team, make sure the app you choose has a responsive team behind it, so they can fix anything that is cause the app not working well with your current theme.

Check out a few reputable Shopify Apps Below:



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