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What is Shopify Theme

Shopify themes define how your store will look like to the visitors. Having a suitable theme is very important for branding. Some themes offer a full product gallery, while some themes offer specialty or featured products. Others focus on minimalist while there are also themes that focus on the websites with big inventories.

Things to consider when choosing a Shopify Theme (Beginner Version):

The Complexity of the Theme

The homepage design should be your first priority. Does it offer many display elements or just a few choices? Do you prefer grid layout or carousel? How about social media feed from Instagram or Twitter? Each theme has their own set template or sections that you can add it. Make sure there is a balance between style and the length of the page.

Your Business Branding

What sort of services or products you provide. Is it a premium product or something of the mid-range. Is Corporate branding important? This will influence if you want to go with more specialty themes with lots of white space or marketplace themes that will show a lot of products.

Number of Stock Keeping Unit (SKU)

A specialty store will have a different design compared to a wholesale store. Specialty store focuses on selling the brand or a product. So more emphasis is placed on the clear and white space. Businesses such as wholesale will need to focus on placing as many items possible to promote choice selection for their clients. The approach is different. However, both can rely on Shopify to get their business done.

Your Business Industry

Similar to the point above, the store design of a watch seller is different from a store selling women’s fashion. On the other note, a store selling digital stuff is also fundamentally different too, Choose the theme that best reflects your industry

Why should you use Shopify Themes?

Eager to buy a theme for your website? HOLD UP! We got your back when it comes to choosing the best Shopify themes for YOUR website!

Shopify Themes are mostly free

Well, of course, not all of them. Surely when it comes to picking a Shopify Theme for your website, you need to have a clear budget that you’re willing to spend on it. Worry not, you can get Themes from zero to a few hundred dollars with different features.
If you’re new, trying out a free theme is better than purchasing one without knowing how to fully utilize it. But paying a little extra hundred bucks may be a great investment for your long-term business.

Variety of Functions

When it comes to functionality of themes, Shopify is the one you should watch for. Their themes comes with a wide range of functions (depending on which theme you use) like featuring products, photos, shopping carts, navigations, even catalogs.

Security and Reliability

Most customers will judge your website based on first impressions. The moment they click on is the defining moment of whether you get a potential customer or not. Shopify themes are created by trustworthy professional designers. They know what function will work and what will not. They will always design the top-notch themes for your website.

Here are some of the interesting themes that people use:


Designed for modern apparel stores. This is one of the most positive rated themes in shopify.


Comes with 3 styles, Kagami allows showcasing your brand and product imagery in a dynamic masonry-style grid. It also contains tons of features that customizable and SEO friendly.


Looking for a clean or minimal theme? This is perfect for showcasing your products.


Designed for new startups that steps into online businesses, Launch is ideal for online stores that cater to small amount of products.


This theme support large catalogs and provides tons of features to manage your inventory.


Flow is a minimalist design that allows you to feature your products in the most visible area. This is perfect for the fashion industry that wants to feature their outstanding products.

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